I’m going to ask a really tough question in this article. Maybe you have been reading my internet home business tips and you know how mean I can be with asking questions. Alright, here is my today’s question. How serious do you take your online home business? As an internet home business owner, how many times have you said to yourself, I will visit this site tomorrow and never visited it, I will work on optimizing my web page tomorrow and never optimize your web page even after 15 days. I am going to find… Read Article →

Financially Challenged? There’s lots of free college information available online, and here are some of the most popular questions when it comes to student Financial Aid. Learn about the difference between grants, student loans and college scholarships and bank on your future! What is Financial Aid? Financial aid is monetary aid to help you pay for your college education. Aid is made available from grants, college scholarships, student loans, and part-time employment from federal, state, institutional, and private sources. The types and amounts of aid awarded are determined by financial need, available funds, student classification,… Read Article →

Day in and day out people start up a new business or join some network marketing program looking to quit their day job to rake in the dough from home. The problem is more people fail than succeed despite the endless amount of opportunities that are out there. But with some basic home based business tips, you can turn your luck around and start living the rich life. For the purpose of this article, we’ll focus on home based business tips centered around a successful start. The only place to start is with a plan… Read Article →

Many clients asked, “How can we get business from our China trips” Understandably with the travel cost and time involved, their main concerns would be meeting targets and results. Business negotiation is a process. It is important to schedule plenty of ‘getting-to-know-you’ time. There are five things to avoid when visiting China: Do not schedule too many meetings and rush into the ‘let us make a deal NOW’ mode. Relationship building is important for the Chinese, as well as for you. Take time to find a trusting partner. Do not speak first at roundtable meetings… Read Article →

Is Financial Planning a very complicated process? Not really, if you simply follow this six steps as outlined. 1. Expressing and defining the scope of relationship with the customer 2. Gathering client’s data for the purpose of analysis 3. Analyzing and evaluating the client’s financial situation 4. Developing and presenting financial planning recommendation(s) 5. Executing the financial planning recommendations 6. Regular review of the plan The following are the details. 1. Expressing and defining the scope of relationship with the customer During this step, the financial planner will have to determine the scope of the… Read Article →

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