You’ll often hear people mention terms like financial security or financial independence in the course of everyday conversation. Within my own social and business circles, practically everyone I know desires some level of financial independence or freedom. However, I’ve found that financial well-being remains hidden and out of reach as a result of fuzzy concepts and even sketchier numbers people have in their head about what these terms mean. Therefore, the first thing I want to do here is dispel any myths or misunderstandings and reveal the true meaning of financial independence and financial freedom…. Read Article →

There is a simple but undeniable truth in the financial consulting and wealth planning industry that Wall Street has kept as a “dirty little secret” for years. That dirty little, and nearly always overlooked secret is THE WAY YOUR FINANCIAL ADVISOR IS PAID DIRECTLY AFFECTS THEIR FINANCIAL ADVICE TO YOU! You want, and deserve (and consequently SHOULD EXPECT) unbiased financial advice in your best interests. But the fact is 99% of the general investing public has no idea how their financial advisor is compensated for the advice they provide. This is a tragic oversight, yet… Read Article →

Managing one’s finances efficiently is not every ordinary person’s cup of tea. Financial issues like investments, tax matters and insurance policies are too complex for most people to handle all by themselves. This is where financial advising comes in. Financial advisors provide all the necessary professional help and advice in financial matters. They help people to evaluate the financial situation and determine the right course of action that should be taken in order to make sound financial decisions. Personal financial issues are directly affected by the wide market fluctuations and thus a financial advisor who… Read Article →

For a blog affiliate business to be prosperous, there are certain thing one needs to do. One needs to make sure that such a blog affiliate business is based on a powerful marketing method that will continually bring targeted visitors and high residual affiliate income completely on autopilot. To have the kind of powerful marketing method that will make your blog affiliate business prosperous, you need a blog affiliate business tip. Here is a blog affiliate business tip that will make your blog affiliate business prosperous : A blog affiliate business tip that will make… Read Article →

Are you thinking of starting your house cleaning business? House cleaning business is the one such business you can start right now and make instant money. Hectic life schedule and busy activity all through the day make house cleaning task too overwhelming and people think about getting a professional to clean their house. They are in constant search for cleaning professionals for your house who they can trust. But many are quite scared about damage done by cleaning agencies such as spilled chemicals on costly carpets, vacuums used that have charred the carpet. Even stories… Read Article →

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